Lost-Preamble: What's to come

Written by Dana Smith

What is it like trying to find self-love as a black girl lost in the Midwest?

I want to share with all who are willing to listen a story about finding love. My love exists within no person, it is an action that I’m getting familiar with. As a child growing up I was told there were many things about me that were undesirable, my blackness, my kooky ways, and my belly to name a few. These ideas were heard so much they became fact to me. For much of my life, for all intents and purposes I was the undesirable.

For much of my life, for all intents and purposes I was the undesirable.

It took extreme measures for me to even acknowledged that there was a problem with the way I saw myself.

For these reasons I write this story, it is an account to serve as a reminder that I’ve traveled this road before. I write to help myself find strength as this love grows, knowing this battle isn’t over. I write to remind us all that we are more than what we’ve been told.

Don’t come here looking for answers

I’m still asking

Don’t expect to see some breakthrough

I’m a work in progress

Don’t think you won’t find contradictions

I’m still learning

I’ve been in a place where I had no appreciation for the light within me and living in that space is dangerous. I share my story to be courageous in my own fight. I will not hide from my truth, I will not hide from my light!

My body and mind are gifts and shall be appreciated even if it is just through a self publish memoir to honor our journey to this day.